ఈ కథనానికి సంబంధించిన వ్యాఖ్యలు మూసివేయబడ్డాయి.



JP, donot get discouraged. Do not expect votes and seata at this stage itself. Your voice is being heard only now. Still people are skeptical whether it will work. They are used to certain corrupt ways and they themselves contribute to corruption. It will take time to propagate alternate values and still more time to get votes in this system. Votes and beliefs are two different things. Concentrate on people' contacts. Dont be in a hurry for political power. It took very long time for Communist parties and BJP to get considerable seats in legislature. Till then they concentrated on their ideologies, programs and contacts. Take your time.
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Money makes defiance, this is 100% proved in GHMC election
X REPORT ABUSE Date 26-11-09 (03:19 PM)


sir, people oneday realise their mistakes. so please don't discourage about in this matter. every dog has his day.
X REPORT ABUSE Date 26-11-09 (01:59 PM)

Fan of Mother-India

Shankar, that is just your mud-slinging!
X REPORT ABUSE Date 26-11-09 (08:36 AM)

Fan of Mother-India

జయ ప్రకాశ్ గారన్నది నిజమే - యధా ప్రజా తధా వోటింగ్ - తధా ప్రజా ప్రతినిధులూ కదా - అదే ప్రజాస్వామ్యం! ప్రజలు వోటుహక్కునే వినియోగించుకొందుకు ఇష్టపడకపోతే ఇక రాజకీయ నాయకులకు ఆట-విడుపేగా! ఇదెంతో అనర్ధ-హేతువు! దుఃఖదాయకం!
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s prabhakara sastry

Sir, Voting should be made compulsory.Let us hope better. Hopping against hope till we suceed in our attempts to change the society.
X REPORT ABUSE Date 26-11-09 (07:28 AM)


This is a clear evidence that Democracy is not working right. It is very unfortunate to see JP disappointing and commenting against the people's wish.
X REPORT ABUSE Date 26-11-09 (06:54 AM)

s prabhakara sastry

Yes u have rightly commented sir. The thing is that the persons in slum /people in b.p.l/ illetarate were given money / cheap liker that might have been made them not to participate in voting, Persons who want to change the society are not really mad but require realistion by the voters. It takes time as lomg as they dont say " nee banchan dora" Another thing is most of citizens are literate but they are literally illetarate.
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ప్ర్జజలు రాజకీయ నాయకులు అంటే ఎంథ వికిపొయరొ తెలిసిపోతుంది, ప్రజలు చల్ తెలివిన వాళ్లు మిస్టర్ జెపి, సొమరితనము కనే కదు-----------
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JP Garu- You are the only MLA elected from your party. Can you do miracles in the Asembly alone? When rowdy sheeters/ criminals / goondas are contesting in the Elections, how the people will be interested to exercise their franchise. Don't blame the voters but blame all the political parties for fielding such good-for-nothing candidates.
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Rajani Rajani

X REPORT ABUSE Date 25-11-09 (08:46 PM)


jp sir, please hold your language. i know that ur matured but talking like this is not good. is there any right candidate to vote, in my area every party distributed the money and begged for the votes, tell me to whom do i vote now...thooooo dheneymma raaajakeeeyam,,,eee naaakodulu bathakataaaniki mammlani edipisthunnaru....
X REPORT ABUSE Date 25-11-09 (08:40 PM)

RamachandraRao Vizag

సారి జెపి గారు! యు ఆర్ రాంగ్. అది సోమరితనం కానేకాదు. నిర్లిప్తత, నిస్తేజం, నిరాశ, నిస్పృహలు మాత్రమే. ఐతే ఓటు హక్కు వినియోగించుకోకపోవడము గర్హనీయమే. ప్రజలలో రాజకీయ చైతన్యం రావడానికి ఇంకాచాలా కాలం పడుతుంది. ఏదో మొక్కుబడిగా ఓటేసేవాళ్ళు ఇంకా ఉండబట్టే ఆమాత్రం పోలింగ్ చోటుచేసుకుంది.
X REPORT ABUSE Date 25-11-09 (07:42 PM)

maku telsu

ayya jp garu........mimmalni janalu nammutunnaru......ipudippude .meelanti..piliticians meeda nammakam vastundi.....meeru cheppinattu ayite.ee vyawastha.........eto veltundo telidu.........kulam/community/financial status........ipudu an average person chala prabhavitam chestunnay.......................ayya meeku youth votes vestarani.andari ki telusu mari hyd vallu enduku ila chesaro telliyadu........................ayya jp garu........me meeda nammakam undi janallo............danni evaro edo chepte..... chedda avadu......me prayatnam meeru cheyandi........nenu unta me venuka.......until..............loksatta chowdari/reddy/naidu......etc etc................vella kabanda hastalloki vellanantha varaku meeku vijame varistundi..............denni evaru apadam sadyam kadu..............me meda vastunna aropanalani kuda............meeru javabu ivvali..................meeru oka visyam gurtunchukondi..............political parties iche 100/1000/biryani pack/saree/..etc etc..............
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I always find JP sir as a balanced and sensible leader talking less but with wisdom.. If at all i join any party I would preper JP as a leader. Let us not through mud without any basis.
X REPORT ABUSE Date 25-11-09 (06:41 PM)


To bring average Indian to politics , some of the things we should do to protect democracy is: to fix miimum educational qualifications for elections. This will bring at least educated people to politics than goondas and rowdies. To prescribe 60 years as the maximum age to contest elections. So that it will gove scope for young blood to enter politics. The old can continue to guide the young . Instead of fighting the corruption form top or bottom , every one should treat the corruption as the deadly evil and who so ever indulges has to be dealt with severly. The corporators/MLAs and MPs should be adequately compensated and they should not look else where for the gains. As long as these things are not addressed there is no much use of blaming the people for not taking interest in politics/elections. a common man is least bothered about who is winning since his life continue to be the same .
X REPORT ABUSE Date 25-11-09 (06:30 PM)


JP, కొంచం మాతలు తగ్గించి, పనులు చేయాలి.
X REPORT ABUSE Date 25-11-09 (06:03 PM)


So what if voted to INC/TDP/LS/BJP/PRP andaru edo oka padavi kosame ani thelusu CBN & YSR can become CM's why not "me" ani anukovadam ekkuvaindi. LS is no different and JP has earned to the tune of 50-60crores during last 4yrs. A organization formed for social service is converted into political party as that was not viable and YSR used JP for splitting TDP and Ramojirao promoted JP for proving CBN that he can creat alternate to TDP as well. When alowed other used him he is no more a clean politician.
X REPORT ABUSE Date 25-11-09 (05:29 PM)


mr shankar, how do you know that jp let ramojirao to use him. how do you know that he has earned 50-60 crores. these are some new allegations which i never heard about jp before. please explain. i dont believe your statement that loksatta as social service organisation was not viable, hence he converted it into a political organisation. he was merely referring to the fact that people are interested in spending time to buy tickets to watch a cricket match but they didnot had the right enthusiasm when it mattered to elect there leader for the next five years which is infact true. if people dont utilise there one and only chance to change there lives, how can they expect to have better lives. everyone in the country can become cm or pm. u dont need to be cbn or ysr or even jp. thats what jp has been advocating since he started the political party and he has been relentlessy encouraging youngsters with the right attitude and enthusiasm to join the party.
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k.lakshmi narayana

జె పి కరెక్ట్ చెప్పారు ఈ వ్యవస్థని ఎలా మార్చాలి, కల్లు అమ్ముకొనీవాల్లకి ఎలక్షన్ లొ కాంగ్రెస్ వాలు సీట్లు ఇఛరు ఇంథకంతె వొర్రెస్త్ లీదు. అయినా మనము ఓటింగ్ చీస్తె బాగుంతూంది.
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